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Rough Gem Stones, Finished Material, and Jewelry
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Rough Gem Stones, Finished Material, and Jewelry

We are a wholesale supply store located in Franklin, NC, the Gem Capital of the World. A valid sale tax number is required for purchases. View some of our impressive collection of wholesale materials that we have to offer.

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Our Story

Cowee Mtn. Wholesale started out in the mid-1980s as a gem mine for tourists in Franklin, NC. We slowly began selling material to other gem mines in our area. With the success we saw in this aspect of our business, we began to travel to Brazil in order to buy and sell more rough gemstones. We now import from all over the world.

Our primary business is gemstone and minerals from Brazil. We did our first Gem Show at the G&LW show in Franklin in May and then July of 2014.

We expect to expand to more gem shows in the future.

See a listing of Gem Show Events we attend

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Monday-Friday 9:00am-5:00pm Appointments are Recommended 

Saturday by Appointment Only

Sunday Closed


July 24-30 2023

October 30-November 1 2023

November 23 2023

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6771 Sylva Rd.

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